Lengte Road, Lengte - 796501, 
Mizoram, India.​

Geographical References (GPS-No.)
23 Degree 47' 37" N 92 Degree 36' 26" E

Registered Office:
Garage Floor, South Kanan, Kanan Veng,
Aizawl - 796009, Mizoram, India.​

Geographical References (GPS-No.)
23 Degree 44' 5" N 92 Degree 42' 30" E

Box Sizes (L/B/H):

150 ml = 360 L x 260 B x 160 H
250 ml = 315 L x 315 B x 185 H
500 ml = 390 L x 250 B x 230 H
750 ml = 300 L x 200 B x 255 H

Box Quantity and Weight:

150 ml x 48 = 07.2 Kgs
250 ml x 36 = 09.0 Kgs
500 ml x 24 = 12.0 Kgs
750 ml x 12 = 09.0 Kgs

An organic processed beverages! Ready-To-Drink!

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Koinonia Lemon Juice!


Our virgin organic fresh lemons are exclusively grown in the orchards of Koinonia Juice Plant. Our juice is extracted from the fruits under hygienic conditions and stored with permitted preservatives in a clean and safety container in concentrated form till it is processed into ready-to-drink product. 

Our juice contains vitamins and provides invigorating energy to the consumer. Lemon is good for diabetics and also well-known for its property of controlling human blood pressure. Our fresh tangy flavor of lemon also freshens the mind and invigorates the body. 


An Organic Beverages, Ready-To-Drink!


​​​About Us

Our product "Koinonia Lemon Juice" is an exclusively grown, processed and packed by us at our factory located at Lengte - 796 501 in Mizoram. Our Firm/Industry is privately owned by us, having a registered office at South Kanan, Kanan Veng, Aizawl - 796 009, Mizoram, India.


We are a certified registered of Industry under a Food Processing Unit, Government of Mizoram, India. Our plant is also duly certified and licensed by Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) which is under the Ministry of Health, Government of India. Our organically grown lemon and our processed organic finished product is certified by an Organic Certification Body which is under an Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). Having the possibility of an Import-Export from the Office of Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. 


Our Distributors:

1. Asian Agencies, Bawngkawn, Aizawl, Mizoram, India.

2. Malsom Enterprise, Chanmari II, Lunglei, Mizoram, India - 796701

Registered Brand of Koinonia Juice Plant
Application No. 3275078
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Our Ready-To-Drink, Koinonia Lemon Juice "Salted" and Koinonia Lemon Juice "Sweet". An added organic fresh lemon juice extracted from our farm which is 3.8 Hectare large and from other farmers, without using any chemical fertilizer and no added colors. It goes with it own natural lemon color.

Quantity (ml):

150 ml - Koinonia Lemon Juice
250 ml - Koinonia Lemon Juice
500 ml - Koinonia Lemon Juice
750 ml - Koinonia Lemon Juice

Koinonia Juice Plant

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Koinonia Lemon Juice/Drink (Sweet)

Nutritional Info. (per 100 gm):

Energy: 26 Kcal/100 g
Protein: <0.1 g/100g
Carbohydrate: 8.40 g/100g
Fat: <0.1 g/100g
Vitamin C: 109.06 mg/100g
Vitamin A: <10 IU/100g

Koinonia Lemon Juice/Drink (Salted)

Nutritional Info. (per 100 gm):

Energy: 29 Kcal/100g
Protein: <0.1 g/100g
Carbohydrate: 8.13 g/100g
Fat: <0.1 g/100g
Vitamin C: 114.46 mg/100g
Vitamin A: <10 IU/100g